Is Technology Really Improving Our Lives?

Living in a society filled with endless technology and new technology regularly coming out, how do we know what is actually useful to us? We are lead to believe we need all these new products and that they will enhance our lives making us more efficient and content. With a new phone coming out every few months and people waiting hours to get them the day of, I have to wonder is this actually helping us?

The ridiculous amount of money we spend on these products is absurd. People struggling to get by on their bills some how still manage to get these phones and tablets yet, can barely afford to pay rent each month. These products are more likely causing more stress then they supposedly relieve. In reality none of these products are that different from each other, yet each brand has a different price for the same thing. Even more so ten years ago there were no smart phones or tablets or apps, just a phone that if you were lucky had text and email. So why do people NEED these items so badly now, rather then save the money  for something else?

Although for some its tough to say no and not upgrade to the newest phone all the time, are these people better off not being addicted to their technological toys? When you walk around a public place its hard not to see everyone playing on their phones and tablet. What ever happened to using the phones if you needed to talk to someone then going about your daily lives?

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