Wildlife Discovered: Side By Side or Caged Till Needed?

The video game Pokémon has bought joy to many children all over the world and has swept the nation in terms of handheld game system sold in today’s market. But one has to wonder whether or not there’s a hidden motive in the game to get children attention. Just two days ago video game developer Game Freak has release the newest iteration of the series dubbed Pokémon X & Pokémon Y. While the basic plot of these games hasn’t changed much over the years game freak still manages to include new types of animals in the game that carry a vast amount of abilities and powers.

Now the main question should be is it right for children to play a game that directly teaches them to physically harm animals, then imprison them and make them fight each other from time to time? Normally, most people would say it’s just a kid’s game an there’s nothing really to worry about. I beg to differ when one considers the games use the theory of evolution as the main explanation for these animals’ miraculous transformations into these even larger creatures. Although depending on the family beliefs/values some parents might be okay with the fact that the theory of evolution is constantly taught in a video game solely made for children. On the other hand, just think about how mad some people were when football player Michael Vick got charged with hosting dog fights in his house. Where do you suppose an idea like that comes from? One might consider the Pokémon video games as the possible trigger for why some children grow up becoming incredibly cruel to their animals or the wildlife in general. However, this doesn’t mean that Michael Vick got the idea for his “canine brawls” from Pokémon itself. But it does mean that this particular video game could be indirectly responsible for a quarter of the animal cruelty we see here in America almost every day.

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