Smart Watches: The Future or Soon to be Distant Memory?

In a world where technology is in a constant state of change, we are now being introduced to the concept of smart watches. Smart watches could change the way we think of watches, in the same way that smart phones have changed the way we view phones in general. In fifteen years, we have managed to go from huge, rugged, and slow phones to phones that are intricate and perform many different functions. With the emergence of smart watches, we can only imagine what these devices will be able to do in a few years. The only question now is whether or not these smart watches will become popular and accepted as something useful in our daily lives.

There are many cool features in these smart watches that I would love to experience for myself. The watches notify you when you receive emails, text, or calls. You can view the contact info and preview the message right on the watch. The watch also vibrates for alerts or alarms. The smart watches also have music controls to control your music on your phone right from your watch. The watch faces are customizable, so you can download faces that have been premade, or make your own. The battery lasts five to seven days even though the display always stays on. The watches are also waterproof. These are great features. The only problem that might prove critical to the survival of this product is the fact that not everyone uses a watch. Will this product entice people to wear a watch? I feel that many people will buy the product because it is new and everyone will want to see what these watches are all about. Will the product be successful? Only time will tell.

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