Is there a Formula for Making a Political Ad go ‘Viral’?

Right now, our country is very focused on politics. It’s no wonder since the presidential election is right around the corner. Now, what I find very interesting about the months leading up to the election is the type of advertising and political campaigns that each candidate chooses to use. I have recently watched my fair share of political advertisements to see if there is some similarity to the ads. Well, there are things from making fun of the other candidate, to making the other candidate come off as corrupt, to testimonials, to just the candidate speaking plainly to the audience, and so many others if you can think of it, it is probably out there.

Now as our society becomes more and more media oriented the public has a lot of influence on what becomes what is known as a ‘viral’ video. Everyone wants their videos, especially in an election campaign, to go viral. That means that most people who actively use media outlets will probably see that video. As of now though, there is no formula to figure out what will become a viral video.

That can be so frustrating for the PR reps and advertisers of any campaign. So the reason I think I was able to find so many different sorts of videos all running to benefit a single candidate is to increase the chances of the videos gaining popularity. If you put out all sorts of different ads one is bound to be something that catches the attention of some potential voters. Those voters may end up sharing that video with friends and so on and so forth until the video has become ‘viral’.

Now, I’m not saying I’m pro Obama or pro Romney but while I was viewing these ads I did find an attack add on Romney that I thought was quite creative. It is in the form of a theatrical trailer which I thought was quite inventive. It’s called Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan- The Do-Over if you are interested in seeing it.

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