TSN: Tebow Sports Network

If you turn on your television to one of the ESPN networks, there is one topic that is sure to come up no matter what sport is being discussed. If the discussion is about the New England Patriots, then there will invariably be a change of topic to how the New England defense can prepare for Tim Tebow. If Stephen A. Smith starts out discussing college football, then Skip Bayless will feel obligated to read Tebow’s latest tweet on the subject. During the NBA season, when there is absolutely no football to be found, the writers will compare Lebron James to Tebow. The question I have is: what is this sick obsession with Tebow?

I understand how the man is a role model for children and Christians alike. I understand how popular he is in every city he plays in. But let the man be relevant in the NFL before we begin referencing him like he were Aaron Rodgers. No benchwarmer has ever had so much press coverage, and the stats he puts up speak more of a Brian Salabrine than a Lebron James. Consider Tebow’s 66.7% completion rate. While this is generally held as a pretty good percentage, the reason for the inflated number is that he has attempted 3 passes through 6 games this season (he completed two of them for 32 yards). The Jets have been lackluster offensively this year, and even during their drubbing of Indianapolis (35-9 was the score) Tebow ran the ball 4 times for a dismal 7 yards. Long gone are the days where Tebow could bully undersized collegiate defenses through the run game, and his shortcomings as a quarterback are apparent every time he throws a ball into the dirt several yards short of a receiver. So until Tebow becomes the starter of his football team, let’s keep the talk centered around real Wunderkinds such as Arian Foster (who has been tearing the league up like no other player).

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