Is Today’s Entertainment a Crime?: The Harsh Impact of Popular Media

Today’s media offers a whirlwind of variety. Preference today has become number one when searching for entertainment. From video games to television shows, the diversity of created offerings allows society to take their pick. With such a vast variety of media, individuals of all ages in the United States seem to be turning to violent and extreme programming. The masses are leaning towards the most extreme offerings money can buy. Regardless of suggested rating, even younger generations are turning to the goriest and most harsh entertainment they can find. Horror has always been a popular genera in the world of entertainment. Providing us with thrill, it takes us to the edge of our seats and fills us with the suspense we cannot healthily receive elsewhere. However, the market that began as subtle thrill has transformed into a violent empire through the years. More people are gravitating to entertainment with simulated violence and gore now than ever. We are able to participate in video games that accurately portray the infliction of pain and even death. Participants are able to view or go through the simulated criminal motions without paying the real life price. How far is too far with today’s extreme entertainment? Are we free of charge or paying the price mentally?

Our society is far from perfect and many argue that the current idea of “popular entertainment” is only contributing to mass crime and violence on our world today. Young adults are soaking in harsh popular media now more than ever and young children seem to be following in their footsteps. With a growing crime rate, the two seem to go hand in hand. Unfortunately, pointing fingers at the potential source will not solve anything. We have to be able to take responsibility for our own actions.

The original thrill of horror still lies within today’s entertainment, regardless of how intense the change may seem. We gravitate towards this media for a reason, whether our reasons are healthy depend on the individual and their personal state of being. The values we gain from them at the time, in turn, have the opportunity to mesh with our own system. Though monkey see money do is a great way to explain such a negative correlation, a “positive” change to our entertainment does not look promising in the near future. With these entertainment rating at an all-time high, there is only room to bush their boundaries even further.

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