Technology effecting the way we view entertainment.

America, in particular, is full of  individuals who are constantly looking for things to fill our need of entertainment as well as our want for our many emotional needs to be satisfied through the content we view. Technology has done nothing but increase this process by making these needs of our more available, convenient and user friendly for us which just makes fulfilling these needs of ours super easy to say the least.

Content is more available to us because we have tons of outlets now a days where we can view entertainment such as TV, shows, films and even radio or just plain music through things like pandora or spotify. This in turn makes viewing our media of choice very convenient due to our all day all night access to it. Not only in Television and internet available all the time, those are a given, but now we have technologies from our phones to xbox counsels and such where we can view things like netflix or something similar at any given time.

The technology use to view our entertainment has also become super user friendly. Computers for example, back in the day, could only be used by those who learned to use it and had some substantial education. Now we just go by one and learn to become accustomed to a new layout and thats about it.

Technology has opened a great amount of doors allowing us to have endless options when it comes to our entertainment needs. It hard to see where it could go from here, but I know we are all excited and anxious to see.

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