Rattling off at the Typewriter!

Random facts are some of the most enlightening moments you’ll ever achieve.  It’s a time of reflection, learning and self realization.  Sometimes you understand just how strange the people around you really are.  Or better yet, you find the solution to the problem that never needed attention in the first place.   So without further adieu, let’s rattle of some randomness.

Did you realize that the smallest state in the country also has the longest name?  No, Rhode Island doesn’t have the most letters in its name, but then again, that isn’t exactly their name.  The official name, used on all state documents, is “Rhode Island and Providence Plantations”.  No state can beat that!  Speaking of the New England region, have you ever consumed a bright blue lobster?   1 in 5,000 lobsters in the northern Atlantic Ocean are born bright blue.  Now that’ll raise the price at your favorite lobster shack!

Talk about dumb luck, Charlie Brown’s father was a barber.  That poor kid.  And elephants have two very distinctive features that set them apart.  They’re the only mammal that can’t jump and they’re the only animal with four knees.  Feel free to use that the next time you’re trying to impress your friends!

So you get upset when airlines charge for checked bags and feel like they’re ripping you off?  How about if you traveled in first class and they eliminated one single olive from your salad?  Although not likely nowadays, but back in the 80’s, America Airlines did just that and saved $440,000 annually.  What kind of olives were they serving back then?  Does discussing olives make you hungry for fast food?  You could be like 7% of Americans and eat at McDonalds everyday!  Just the thought about eating McDonalds everyday makes me cringe!

Random facts may not come across as useful or even intelligent for that matter.  But it’s a breath of fresh air to step back from daily reality and learn something that has absolutely no bearing on the rest of your day.  Now that’s random.

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