Jennifer Lawrence’s Battle for Equal Pay in Hollywood

Off screen actress Jennifer Lawrence (America’s sweetheart) has been making news when hacked emails about a movie she was in called American Hustle revealed that she was payed less than all her male costars; the movie came out in 2013, but the emails have been hacked recently. Lawrence male costars in American Hustle include Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, and Jeremy Renner. Jennifer said “If I am honest with myself I fallen into a trap women face not wanting to be “difficult” or “spoiled” while men don’t care.” Lawrence male costars fully support Lawrence activist actions of income-gender inequality issues that are happening in Hollywood.

Lawrence also added in an interview that she always carried a habit of submissiveness with the idea it made her more likeable, but is no longer falling into those old ways. Jennifer is starting a revival about the income-gender inequality issue in Hollywood and says is something we need to talk about because on average women are payed 21% less than men in the industry. Women can ask for the same amount of compensation that men ask for.

Jennifer is now twenty five years old and many things have changed in her life. Lawrence officially wrapped her Hunger Games movie trilogy that had been her life for the past couple of years and ended a five year relationship with her boyfriend at the same time she wrapped the trilogy; all happening when she was twenty-four. The actress says 24 was a year of questioning who she was, how she was going to live without these movies and without this boyfriend that have been a part of her life for such a significant amount of time. Now this 25 year old actress is transitioning from questioning her essence to looking forward with her acting career and her income-gender inequality advocacy.

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