Johnny Manziel More than Just A College Quarterback

One of the most controversial players in all of college football is Johnny Manziel.  He goes to parties, he gets arrested, and he is pretty much a loose cannon off the field.  Even on the field he is a loose cannon.  He talks trash to opposing teams and he taunts them.  But one thing is for certain this kid can play.

Most people say that Johnny Football is only a college quarterback.  That he will never do anything in the NFL.  Not so fast people.  I believe this kid can play in the NFL and succeed.  I believe that when it comes to football there is nothing this kid can’t do.  He is the closest thing to a wild rabbit as I have ever seen from a human being.  He can’t be tackled.  He has a great arm and he is smart.  Another thing I like about him is when it is crunch time, he doesn’t care.  Johnny Football has ice water running through his veins.  When the pressure is on, he does nothing but flourish.  Just take a look and watch him play.  He only has a handful of weapons, and teams are gearing to stop him and only him, but he still makes defenses look foolish.

This weekend Texas A&M played Alabama.  The closest team in college you are going to get to resemble a team in the National Football League.  And Johnny Football torched them.  Yes I know, A&M lost.  If you watched the game, then you are walking away saying to yourself, dang this kid is more than just a college QB.  He has something special that doesn’t come around very often.  I know, I know, people compare him to Tim Tebow.  I think it is a ridiculous comparison.  I think his talent exceeds Tebow’s in a lot of ways.  Better runner, better throwing motion, better pocket passer, are just a few things.  He can lead his team and he will.  I promise it, Johnny Football will be a top 5 pick in the upcoming draft.  Write it down.

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