A Call to Duty: Endless Entertainment or Painful Reality?

There really is something special to be said about a game that comes out every single year. Call of Duty has been huge in the video game industry for many years, so much so that people annually line up around fall time just to get a new copy of the video game. This year’s iteration of the game-developed by infinity ward-is called Call of Duty Ghost. C.O.D. Ghost takes place sometime in the near future where the USA is devastated by an outside attack that leaves the nation crippled and defenseless. So much so, that a good portion of our military branches are gone, and what remains is the ragtag group of individuals called Ghost, that happen take it upon themselves to try and bring our nation back from the brink of destruction.

It’s quite interesting to see in these games how the ramifications of our action can cause such unfortunate outcomes.  Every few years or so the military gains new equipment with the sole purpose of protecting us, yet in these video games like Call of Duty something always happens where America has either lost control of their weapons or worst had them turned against the very people they were made to protect. One might say we are the cause of our own problem. However, that statement does not mean we must disarm ourselves just to feel safe, but perhaps embrace the phrase “less is more.” In COD Ghost, the trailers depict America being attacked by a satellite that houses WMD’s (weapons of mass destruction) that can be fired by any chain of command-an depending on how the rest of the game plays out-those missiles were ultimately fired on us an thus allowed foreign nations to take advantage of the situation by attacking us directly after. I suppose the main thing about these Call of Duty games is how much foreshadowing is actually going on in them. Can we as a nation be hacked and have all of our weapons fail us-or heaven forbid-be used against us, only time will tell.

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