Kanye West Charged in Paparazzi Attack

Kanye West has never been fan of the paparazzi. In 2008, Kanye West had incident with the paparazzi and he was charged with felony vandalism after he confronted two paparazzi outside a screening area and smashed the men’s cameras. Kanye West attended 12 hours of anger management and was sentenced to 50 hours of community service for the 2008 incident.

On September 13, 2013, TMZ found out rapper Kanye West was charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft for allegedly attacking paparazzi in July at Los Angeles International Airport. If convicted of both misdemeanors Kanye West can face a maximum of year in jail or a $2000 fine. A week prior to the July paparazzo incident Kanye West warned the paparazzi to not to speak to him while they were in his presence. Kanye West went off on a photographer named Daniel Ramos who tried to speak to him while at Los Angeles International airport. The photographer got injured during the scuffle match between him and Kanye West in July and had to go to the hospital. The photographer has filed a lawsuit against Kanye West for injures and damages that he caused to his equipment. Photographer Daniel Ramos lawsuit claims assault, battery, negligence and violation of civil rights. The photog even hired famed attorney Gloria Alred, who has said the attack left her client badly injured. Next month, Kanye West will be arraigned on the charges that he faces. Will Kanye West be charged for the incident with photographer Daniel Ramos? Only time will tell whether Kanye West will face the consequences for his actions.

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