Just Put Some Duct Tape on It

People today are always looking for a shortcut, the fastest way to get a task done. Sometimes the fastest way is not always the smartest way. After the West Virginia mine explosion, numerous safety violations were discovered. How could people let this happen? Although it’s easy to point the finger at someone, it simply is the concept of putting duct tape over something. Duct tape can fix anything from holding up bras to fixing cabinets. All too often, we see people skipping the necessary steps just to get something accomplished. People don’t want to fix something until it is at its wits end and something drastic has happened as a result. It is very similar to the “why fix it if it ain’t broke” theory. Who in their right mind would wait until something was broken in order to correct a malfunction… everyone in this world, that’s who. This can be seen in many aspects of life. Take my academic career; I’m one of the laziest students because I have perfected my procrastination techniques and the ability to “b.s.” an assignment to lengths you wouldn’t believe. In volleyball, I take thousands of reps in the gym to get my form right however as long as I’m getting the necessary kills and blocks to win games, I’m not concerned about what my form looks like. In my social life, when I say something without thinking I don’t try and take it back I merely keep the conversation going. With all these examples one might wonder why I would I continue to operate the way I do. The simple answer is because nothing has backfired yet and that’s exactly how everyone else thinks. Why tamper with a good thing when I could “put some duct tape on it” and pray it holds?

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