Multitasking: yes or no?

In today’s age, multitasking has become a regular thing thanks to the internet and technology in general.  However, with more multitasking comes less attentiveness to each thing a person is doing.  So what is more helpful to a person, multitasking and getting things done faster or doing it right the first time. It could be argued, although it seems getting it right the first time would seem ideal some would say getting multiple things done faster is worth it.  However, with the growing load of information it becomes apparent that multitasking is a must. With deadlines and information overload it is impossible not to.

In comparison it depends on the course load. For example, if you are working on a Physics course, the material is much more rigorous versus a class that does not require as much brain power. I firmly believe that if the work you are dealing with is not so intense than go ahead do so. It really depends on what you are ultimately trying to accomplish. For this example, if the point of the assignment is to retain information, then you will have a difficult time multitasking. For physics and, say chemistry two, doing an assignment at the same will inhibit your retention on the information, defeating the point of the assignment.

Again, in the end of the day, it really depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you can satisfy the purpose of original activity, and fit in another task, in the name of efficiency, then go for it!

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