We Want Quality, Not Quantity

We are undoubtedly overwhelmed with information in this age of technology. Our smart phones keep us connected wherever we are. Our devices have programs programmed right into the software that notify you when you have a new message, comment, email, invite, tweet, etc. In addition to receiving constant notifications, we have the ability to access any news story from here to Hong Kong. In her article “Overload!”, Bree Nordenson blames youth’s disinterest in news on the abundance of information we are exposed to, but I don’t necessarily agree. In my personal experience of being youthful, I find myself disinterested in news because, I’m unsure of the quality of what I’m watching or reading. When I think news I think television. When I think television I think of the handful of major corporations that owns and controls everything we watch. When all of your news comes from 3-4 sources and your aware of the risk of relying on what you read on the Internet, you tend to be a little distant from the news. Today, as a young viewer, I feel as if every news station has an agenda that they all dance around but never come out and clearly state. People that lean left tend to go with one station and the people that lean right follows the other. This is no coincidence; strong and persuasive undertones in news have been evident to me since as long as I can remember watching television. If the Internet was more restricted in terms of who was allowed to post, then we may be more open to the validity of the information we are receiving. I don’t think this is a solution though because, restrictions on the internet, placed by the government, would only foster more unrest and distrust amongst the people.

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