The Internet Holds Countless Information… But Is It Too Much?

Buzzz… Ring Ring… Ding! As I was reading the article, “Overload!” my smart phone was ringing, my email was booming, and my Facebook notifications were adding up. It is insane at how many things are available by a simple click of a button. With technology advances there are also many disadvantages. This day and age, people have so many to keep them both occupied and unfocused. Students are multitasking during every second of the day—even in school. When professors allow computers in the classroom, students cannot commit their full attention to the lecture. Any college student can agree that during class time, many of the students screens are focused on something other than their lecture notes. As stated in the article, attention is a critical component of learning. There is an overload of technology and an overload of information in the world today.


Newspapers are having a tough time selling their product due to the unlimited capacity that the Internet holds. One can now read articles online without paying a fee to have it delivered to their front door. There are millions of blogs and articles to be seen and it is hard to differentiate between what is opinion and what is fact. These millions of WebPages make it hard for journalists to succeed in their career. It is hard for people to find exactly what they are looking for online because there is just so much information to be seen. Newspaper sites need to organize their pages so there isn’t so much clutter and articles all over the place. Journalists will definitely prosper if they write in-depth news stories because we look for them on the Internet, but they are so hard to find.

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