Justin Bieber’s Unfavorable Life in the Spotlight

It is a gift to have the freedom to write a blog post for this class about anything I would like. As a college student, we don’t always have the privilege to be able to write about anything on our mind and get a grade for it.

Therefore, I am choosing to write about Justin Bieber’s recent “wrongdoings” that have been in the tabloids and somehow a topic of world news because I can and I am very passionate about doing so.

This might seem like a long ranting list, but here it goes: cursing out people in public, walking around shirtless, having numerous tattoos, getting a DUI, turning themselves in for a misdemeanor, going to strip clubs, underage drinking, smoking illegal substances, or egging a neighbor’s house, doesn’t that compare to regular teenage activities? Unfortunately, in some instances, it sounds to me like adult behaviors as well. I am in no way condoning to any of these actions. Everyone matures at a different speed.

In my opinion, the fact that over 100,000 signatures have gone to the US government to deport a teenager doing nonsense activities is despicable and rude. There are people in this country that I would like to have the option to sign a petition to deport them, but I wouldn’t waste my time and energy to do so. When I went on Facebook and Twitter last week and saw hate and cruel words toward Justin Bieber it really hurt me. Especially coming from some people who I know for a fact have committed the same, if not worse, crimes or activities that Justin has.

If Justin didn’t follow his dreams, and post YouTube videos for family members when he was younger, he wouldn’t be in this position right now. He wouldn’t be making millions of dollars a year to support him and his family. He wouldn’t be able to go all around the world to help poor communities build schools and raise money. He wouldn’t be the leader for granting most wishes for the Make A Wish Foundation. He wouldn’t be working a job that he loves and having millions of fans worldwide enjoying his talents. He would be in his second year of college. Possibly writing a blog post about another celebrity in his current situation, like I am right now. He would be making these bad decisions, but without the media critiquing his every move and instead with his friends and family critiquing him.

We college students should look at Justin Bieber and aspire to follow our dreams to help people around the world, while making ourselves happy at the same time. We must believe he will see our reactions to his behaviors as constructive criticism, not with slander or hate. We should strive to respect others, even if poor decisions are made.

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