How Netflix redefined the Television Industry.

Established in 1997, Netflix Incorporated started as a DVD-by-mail rental service for home entertainment and by 2009 was offering a collection of 100,000 titles on their on-demand streaming website. This Los Gatos-based company is now leading the market and because of their much acclaimed list of original shows, Netflix managed to add 1.44 million new subscribers world-wide by their third quarter of last year alone. Bringing 2013 revenue up to $4 Billion.

After the release of their highly-anticipated original shows, Netflix’s stocks went from around $180 to approximately $370 per share in a period of less than a year. Political drama, “House Of Cards“, with leading man Kevin Spacey; along with other new scripted shows like the female penitentiary dramedy,Orange is the New Black“, created by Jenji Kohan, and Jason Bateman’s “Arrested Development” are some of the shows that continue to raise the bar and give conventional made-for-television series a run for their money.

At the 2013 Primetime Emmys, Netflix received 14 nominations all-together and took home three statuettes for “House of Cards”, including Outstanding Direction for David Fincher’s work on the Pilot, Outstanding Cast in a Drama and Best Cinematography in a Single-Camera Series. Both top shows, “Cards” and “Orange” are set to release their second seasons in the upcoming months.

Bottom line is that Netflix’s big leap paid off and showed the industry new ways of producing and marketing independent, but still high quality shows while recruiting incredible amounts of subscribers each year.

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