Decision for Death Penalty in Boston’s Bombings Case gives Bostonians mixed feelings

In Boston, the Justice Department have decided to come to the decision of a death penalty for suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Him and his brother, who had died during officials pursuit of the suspects, are responsible for the deaths of three people and around 200 other peoples injuries during the Boston Marathon in April of 2013. Though there are many in not just Boston but all of Massachusetts who want justice for the terrors of that day, a surprising number of people in the state are against the death penalty being place on Tsarnaev. Including the mayor of Boston, Martin J. Walsh. According to the New York Times, Massachusetts actually got rid of the death penalty back in 1984.

The New York Times reached out to the families of the deceased and wounded and even went on Twitter to find go more in depth of the reaction to the death penalty. Most of the families’ comments were ready to just move on with there lives and let the jurors decide on his sentence. The Boston Globe took a poll back in September with respondents from Massachusetts on whether to give Tsarnaev life in jail, or the death penalty: 57% were just fine with giving him a life sentence while the other 33% wanted the death penalty.

Walsh, a newly elected mayor, has always been against the death penalty; he even, back when he was a lawmaker, voted against it. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. had the final say on whether to authorize prosecutors to seek death penalty and now up to the jurors on whether or not they should follow through.

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