Super Ratings for the Super Bowl

This years Super bowl raised the bar for the yearly event. The commercials are typically the brow raisers for fans each year but this year the Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos featured an all star line-up fr the half time celebrations. The entertainment featured the hit sensations Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Two huge acts when it comes to not only hit songs but also huge performers live on stage which is exactly what this event needed. The last couple years have not have such great performance so it was refreshing to see a great show.

But when it came down to the actual game, the show was actually completely one-sided as the Seahawks completely manhandled the Broncos. Before the game started the media played the game out to be a huge match up of the leagues best offense with the Bronocos and Peyton Manning and the best defense with the Seahawks. Well as the game continued the Broncos only scored a mere eight points throughout the entire game and the Seattle defense actually scored 21 points simply with the interceptions and fumbled caused. That’s quite impressive if you think about the most popular player of the year in Peyton Manning could barely get to 100 yards today. 8 points on offense was actually the lowest amounts of points the Broncos have scored in a game with Manning behind center.

I was personally rooting for the Seahawks because I liked the younger and faster team in Seattle. In the end, this game will go down as two powerhouse teams of these year battling out.

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