Kaia Crawford

Known for her mole just above her lip, Cindy Crawford has grazed the pages of almost every magazine cover published.  She has been categorized as one of the most beautiful women of all times. After making her mark in the modeling industry through the eighties and nineties, Crawford quit modeling in 2000. She is now happily married to Rande Gerber, and has two beautiful children of her own.

Her daughter Kaia, recently shot an ad campaign for Versace. The picture of her ten year old daughter striking a pose in a mini skirt and a black leather jacket got worldwide attention. Crawford spoke out during Fashion Week, which is being held this week in New York City. She admits it that might be a little too soon for her ten year old daughter to be modeling. Although her picture got enough attention to call Kaia the next “it” girl, Crawford has decided to pull the plug on her daughters modeling career until she get older. The spitting images between Kaia and Cindy are astonishing. It’s almost is jaw dropping how similar her and her mother look. From the hair, right down to the way she poses.

I believe it is a good choice that she pulls her daughter out of the industry for a while. She has already grown up in the spot light being the daughter of the most beautiful one in the world. It would probably be a good idea to see if her daughter actually has a true passion for modeling or if she’s doing it just because it’s what her mother used to do. When she grows up a little more, she’ll realize whether or not she wants to walk in her mother’s footsteps.

If she does to choose modeling, it is very obvious that Kaia could go very far in the modeling agency. Yet, the ten year old stated that if she doesn’t like modeling then she wants to become a “baby nurse”. No matter what decision she makes, Crawford is going to make sure her daughter has her own identity in the process of doing it. Being the daughter of Cindy Crawford may be nice, but living for you is the more important thing.

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