Dangerous Caffeine

Last month, the product AeroShot went on market in Massachusetts and New York.  David Edwards, a Harvard biomedical engineer professor, invented a caffeine mist inhaler.  An invention that consumers place in their mouth and inhale a quick and dissoluble powder form of caffeine.  AeroShot contains B vitamins and the amount of caffeine as a big cup of coffee.  The product hit mass consumption without FDA approval because it went on sale as a dietary supplement.  The product promotes a healthier form of caffeine that does not include ingredients like taurine which is commonly used in energydrinks.  The product is small and quick dispensing, allowing consumers to easily take in the caffeine at any time or any place.  The FDA is now investigating the product because of concerns on whether the product is actually a diet supplement and if it is actually safe especially for teens whom easily over use such products.  Officials are worried that young adults and kids may use this product to help them party longer and keep using the product over and over, more than recommended.  Like any caffeine or diet supplement will state, there is a certain limit on uses per day.

AeroShot provides such an easy way to consume caffeine, that it may be  used too often and reach medical issues.  FDA officials compare AeroShot to other substances such as Four Lokos which combined alcohol with caffeine and caused many accidents and health hazards.  Although AeroShot does not contain alcohol, it can be inhaled and digested with alcohol by the party raging youth of today which would result in similar effects as products like Four Lokos.  The product is widely distributed in many convenience stores and even liquor stores where consumers are fronted by both the caffeine product and alcoholic beverages.  The makers of AeroShot argue that their product is not aimed at consumers under the age of 18 and that the product’s label warns consumers to not consume more than 3 shots a day.  The makers also proclaim that caffeine supplements have healthy benefits and can help provide better focus and a needed boost of energy.  This is all true assuming that all consumers will actually read the labels and only use the product for it’s intended use.  However, the product is easily accessible to the public which includes consumers of all intentions, good or bad.  AeroShot is just another form of caffeine in a consumer world that buys all kinds of useless junk; AeroShot is not the first kind of its form and it won’t be the last.

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