Child Weight Loss a Difficult Task

In a world with as many problems as this one were living in, obesity is one that is plaguing the United States more than any other country. There are fast food restaurants on every corner and getting your fix of saturated fats is never a difficult task. So why exactly is it such a difficult task for kids to lose weight? Lyn McDonald (who ironically has the same last name as the fast food chain), claims to know the reason. Lyn lost 80 pounds herself, and only wishes to help her kids have the same weight loss mentality. So she does everything she can. Because of Lyn, her children know how to control portion sizes, eat their vegetables and avoid food with loads of sugar. According to CNN, “her efforts are working.” To think that even though we are in a time “when approximately one-third of American children are overweight or obese,” Lyn McDonald’s kids are maintaining healthy weights.

So what is the problem? Lyn says obesity gets a helping hand from teachers that give their students sugary treats, before 10 in the morning. Sports programs that are giving out doughnuts after soccer and dance practice doesn’t help. “Our environment is constantly pushing kids in the wrong direction.” And of course, obesity is a cosmetic problem. Overweight children are shown to be bullied frequently. But on top of being hurt by bullies, children are at risk of anything from cardiovascular disease to sleep apnea. Our society pushes unhealthy food down our throats, and children are more susceptible to its power. With so many problems in our world already, it is important for us to help eliminate one more problem, the unhealthy eating habits of children. But the children aren’t to blame. Blame can be attributed to their parents as well as teachers, and even their coaches and instructors.

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