Our Entitlement Culture

            We live in an entitlement society. Obama has created an atmosphere where the citizens of the United States can do as little as possible and reap the benefits of those who work hard. Most people in our current society would rather not exert themselves to become educated and work hard for their money. Rather they want to do as little as possible, simply to get by and have the government subsidize their lifestyles, because they think this is easier. They can sit on their computer,” facebooking”, or video gaming etc. while someone else does the work to make the money to pay for their lethargy.  Why not just do the bare minimum, forfeit some freedoms and have everything taken care of by the government?

                What these individuals fail to recognize is the detriment of the future that they are paving for themselves. They are creating a culture that tells greedy and power hungry leaders we are a subservient people! They will take advantage and exploit the lassitude because it makes them money and gives them more power. We cannot let this happen! What I simply cannot comprehend is where these people derive fulfillment and satisfaction in their lives. How can one appreciate something if they have not worked to achieved it? Under the Obama administration, we as a people are made to pay for things for other individuals who do not work as hard as we do. This is dangerous because it invariably stifles prosperity. Those who have determination and resolve do not want to see all of our money go to those who are indolent and apathetic with our tax dollars! Why would we?!

                These ideas are why Americans feel entitlement. Our leaders have enabled these attitudes; they have even encouraged it, as Obama continues to do. Our next presidential election in November is the most important and influential election of our century (arguably), because it will determine whether we have a passive and apathetic society or an active and dynamic society. The election is so poignant because what is done throughout the next presidential term will lay the ground work for our society’s mindset. I firmly believe that in conjunction with the Mayan calendar/ 2012 apocalyptic controversy; regardless of what you believe (whether it will be a spiritual enlightenment or simply the alignment of the planets), and our impending political change we will have a paradigm shift, culturally.  Things will change, let us hope and do everything we can do to make sure that the change is beneficial…    

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