Megavideo backfires when website shut down by FBI

Music has always been my favorite hobby (if considered a hobby).  I usually download my music off illegal websites also known as Megaupload who recently was shut down for their illegal music distribution.  The FBI who were the ones to blame for this termination decided to shut down most illegal music sharing websites which is fine because they’re doing their jobs but Megaupload was not too happy when they noticed their website was terminated.  They decided to get revenge on the FBI by hacking into FBI software and messing around/shutting down their system.  This resulted in the bill for all illegal music sharing sites to be post-poned or even dismissed until further notice.

What I do know is that Megaupload is now being suid for $5 million dollars or so which again, they probably are not too happy about.  Illegal music and file sharing is obviously bound have to consequences but I mean in this economy who wants to pay for music? Not me.  I am not saying I am anti-bill because honestly the rules were broken by various file sharing websites and they deserve consequences.  But I am not going to lie, I am pretty bummed that I can no longer download free music anymore so now I am left with Pandora, which isn’t so bad.  Itunes is probably banking because of this dilema but I don’t think spending $1.29 for one song is worth my money.  Yeah, I like to pick and choose what I listen to but I would much rather download that song through a file sharing website then have to resort to buying it on Itunes.

The world is a much better place with music and if we have to pay for everything else, music should at least be free.  It was easy when I could go on websites like Megaupload and download an entire CD or even a specific song I enjoy because it’ll probably get old to me by the end of the month and at least I will feel that I didn’t waste my money on a song that I didn’t pay for.  But reality has snuck in and I have to face it.  Downloading music has now become an exinct hobby in my book, I think it’s about time genuis’ come up with the next idea that’ll keep me occupied because nothing was better than lounging around, discovering new music, and downloading them illegally, but free.

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