Nicki Minaj angers the Catholic League with Grammy performance

Nicki Minaj has managed to upset the Catholic League with her performance Sunday at the Grammys.  Minaj walked the red carpet in a dramatic red satin gown, along with her date, a look-a-like Pope. As soon as she walked the carpet, spectators began to whisper and question what she had planned. However, after her performance, the Catholic League wasted no time in condemning her actions.

During her performance, Minaj sang her new song “Roman Holiday” while reenacting an exorcism. Her performance was complete with choir boys, bishops, holy water, levitation, and even a confessional.

The Catholic League quickly issued a statement based on her actions and disrespect towards their religion. The League’s President mocked Minaj and her work, but mainly blamed the Recording Academy for allowing that performance to air. Catholic League president Bill Donahue started the statement by making fun of Minaj in her super bowl performance last week. “Fresh off looking like a fool with Madonna at the Super Bowl,” he started, and went on to explain the drastic performance that followed.

Donahue said that most vulgar part of her performance was the sexual statement she made, showing a female dancer stretching backwards while an altar boy prayed between her legs. Not to mention, she ended her performance by singing ‘Come All Ye Faithful’ as she levitated.

Donahue mainly blames the Recording Academy for allowing this to air. Ken Ehrlich, the executive producer of the Grammy telecast, says he wasn’t a huge fan of Minaj’s performance but stated that the Recording Academy doesn’t like to limit their artist’s creativity. He also mentioned that after seeing her performance, he did have some questions, but understood that she has alter egos that work differently.

Minaj defended her performance to E! News anchor Ryan Seacrest Monday, claiming she was playing the part of her alter ego, Roman, who she had been writing a story for over the last two years. Minaj said she had a vision for Roman to be exorcised because he didn’t fit in. She wanted to show her fans that Roman is amazing and confident, and when they throw the holy water on him, he rises above it all.

Some celebrities were even confused by Minaj’s performance. Sherri Shephard wrote on twitter that she didn’t know whether to “dance or pull out my Bible and lay hands on the TV.”

Minaj and the Recording Academy have yet to address Donahue and the Catholic League’s open letter.

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