Kanye West for President in 2020?

Sunday night if you opened any form of social media whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you were bombarded with posts about the 2015 VMAs (Video Music Awards). The VMAs have not a host in two years, so this year Miley Cyrus decided she would step up and host.

The ex-child star kept changing into more and more outrageous outfits with every commercial break. There was even a Janet Jackson inspired outfit malfunction at the end of the evening. No one is quite sure why Cyrus decided it was acceptable to be behind a curtain naked with cameras and press all over but it caused quite the upset. I thought that there was zero chance that the night could get weirder, until pop sensation Justin Bieber started crying for no apparent reason after his performance ended.

One performance that had everyone talking was The Weeknd. Fire lit up the stage while he gave a soulful performance that Kanye West seemed to love. The camera kept panning from the stage and then back Kanye West as he wildly danced throughout the entire song.

Speaking of Kanye West, he won the Video Vanguard Award which Taylor Swift (West’s ex nemesis) graciously presented. Yeezus ended the award show with a very lengthly speech in which he announced he would be running for the Presidential Election in 2020. Not entirely sure if Kim Kardashian being in the White House is a smart idea.

So many other unusual things happened but these were just some that I felt were important to share. I’m going to call this a wrap and announce that this is probably the last time I watch MTV.



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