People’s reaction of Miley Cyrus hosting the VMAS 2015 in social media

This past Sunday had many major moments in the entertainment world. There was a lot of build up for the actual Video Music Awards (VMAS), MTV broadcasted the awards show and they had advertised the show weeks and weeks in advance to promote it, one the big highlights of all the promos was that Miley Cyrus would be hosting the show this year. All through social media, everyone was having a field day, because if you are not aware of what happened at the 2013 VMAS, well Miley gave a very racy performance that gave a lot to talk about for some very long time, that to this day people judge her not very well just because of that show.

So when MTV announced that she would be hosting, people were ready to watch her make a fool of herself, since she has no filter, saying the first thing that comes to her mind, we were all ready to see all her craziness. As expected, she wore many not-so-surprising outfits that made all the social networks go crazy themselves. From wearing multiple colored pants, weird looking glasses, to almost no clothe at all, people were so stoked, because they knew she would come up with a way to outdo her crazy outfits of all time.

One of the most talked about moment of the night is the supposedly unexpected conversation Miley had with Nicki Minaj in the beginning of the show. Nicki came up to the stage to accept her award and at the end she said something like “now let’s go over to Miley, who they other day had a lot to say about me to the press, Miley what’s good?” We might not know the reason behind the feud, but fans to away from it is that so many people are posting in Miley’s social media account “Miley what’s good” mocking what happened at the event.

Social media definitely doesn’t let anything go under the rug, poor Miley is going to get reminded now every time of the incident that night.

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