Kanye West Upset Over Jimmy Kimmel’s Spoof

About a week ago, Kanye West stopped by BBC’s Radio 1 studio and was interviewed by the station’s DJ, Zane Lowe. Kanye talked a lot about his passion for designer clothes and how he aspired to become a part of the fashion industry. He went on and on about how lots of designer companies loved him, but would not really give his fashion pieces a second look. For example, he stated that his shoes, the Air Yeezys, were very popular around the Internet world and everyone wanted them. However, Nike did not call him to make more or give him a second chance at it, and this caused his frustration over the fashion industry. He felt as though he was limited to only be a rap artist and that people would never take him seriously as a designer. Kanye West is a very popular and successful rap artist, but his passion seems to now lie in the fashion world, somewhere he is looked down at.

A few nights after this interview, popular late-night show host, Jimmy Kimmel, decided to spoof his entire interview. What the spoof consisted of was two kids, one being Kanye West and one being Zane Lowe, repeating just about everything that was said in the interview. Everyone found it to be cute and hilarious except for one person, Kanye West.

He then took to Twitter to explain why he was enraged. He stated that Kimmel was “out of line to try and spoof the first piece of honest media in years.” People saw it as harmless but in Kanye’s mind, Kimmel was only proving his point more. Everyone in the fashion industry doesn’t take Kanye seriously and this could be said that he is looked at as inexperienced or as a “child.” This was no coincidence to Kanye West. He ranted for hours on Twitter bashing Jimmy Kimmel and only making himself look worse in the public eye. Jimmy Kimmel, thankfully, did not take it seriously on Twitter. He stated: “Finally, I’m in a rap feud. I always wanted to be in a rap feud.”


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