Kidnapping in Nigeria by Islamic Group

As the media mainstream have been communicating for this past week, there was a large scale kidnapping of affecting around 130 girls between the age of 15 and 18 in a school in the community of Chibok, Nigeria.

It has been discovered that the responsible of this incident were the extremist group Boko Harama, known for being very harsh with women, especially by using them as sexual slaves. The term of Boko Haram, stands for the meaning that the no Islamic education is a sin. Therefore this Islamic group has as its objective to expand the Islam through the country, considering that the South is Christian, and the North Muslim.

During the past days a total of 44 girls escaped after the kidnappers. Whom actually are already back home safe with their families. However, there are still 85 scholars who have not been located, and currently are declared as disappeared.

The media has informed that the research was expanded through the borderland regions such as Cameroon, Niger, and Chad.

It is feared that the kidnappers are holding the hostage and bringing them to another country, while now it is believed that they are occulted in the forest of Sambisa. In the complex where the school was situated, the extremist Islamic destroyed some houses and even burnt a school bus.


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