The Power of Social Media and What it Can Do For My Goals

We all know that social media connects us to people all over the globe.  It seems like nothing, but there is a lot of power connected with the our words over the internet.  Here I am, writing a blog for a university assignment, but I can possibly reach thousands of people more or less.  Sometimes we feel our voices are not heard, but on social media, your voice stands a chance.

This summer I am moving to Texas for an internship and to stay with some family.  Recently I have been searching for things to do while there and following blogs with tags of  things I would be interested in.  It’s one thing to go out and find them when I am there.  But this way, I feel like I can connect with another state before I even get there.

It can be scary moving to a new place and doing something completely different.  Being such a small fish in a big bond is nerve racking but there are easier ways to get more comfortable.  On social media people in Texas can now see what I am saying and am interested in all because of a tag, i.e. #texas #atx and so on.

My goal for this summer is to have fun and experience new things.  I do not want to be locked at home and afraid to try new things because “I don’t know what’s out there.”  I’m hoping that by using the power of social media I can be acclimated to my new surroundings and ready to dive head first.  Maybe I’ll find some news friends, or maybe ust have a better idea of where to go to meet these new friends.

Don’t underestimate your place in social media.

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