Kobe Bryant scores 60 points in his last game of his NBA career.

On Wednesday April 13 Kobe Bryant played his last game on his home court against the Utah Jazz and every minute of this game was worth seeing. Kobe Bryant is only 37 years old and he has been playing basketball for the LA Lakers for 20 years. Every good thing comes to an end so this last game was very emotional for Kobe and his fans. For the whole entire day Snapchat had a filter for Kobe late game that was sponsored by Nike. Everyone was talking about it, we knew the day would come but it arrived so soon. One of the greatest players in NBA has retired. I myself is not a Kobe fan but I will admit that he is a great player not better then Michael Jordan but he comes pretty close. Kobe Bryant has brought the LA Laker 5 championships and they have go to the NBA finals numerous times. During his last game he showed us why he is the best player on the LA Lakers and maybe even in the league. Scoring crucial points at the last minute of the game against the Jazz not to tie the game but just to make it to 60 points and to have the crowd on their feet.

What will Kobe do next? Will he ever make a comeback or has he retired for good? He hasn’t said much about his retirement. Most retired athletes start up new ventures or become sport commentators like Shaq, Magic Johnson and so much more. It might take a while for him to adjust to not having to wake up early, practice, constantly take trips to different states to play games but he will adjust eventually. I wish Kobe nothing but the best and I hope he has a great retirement, I am happy that I will no longer have to worry about the Lakers making it to the finals anytime soon.

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