Students Can Now Transfer To Any Public School In The State

Big news in the florida school system this week as Governor Scott signs education bill that allows transfers to any school. Thursday was the day when the governor put ink to paper signing the education bill. Scott did not comment after signing the bill but parents and lawmakers said that it gives parents a better opportunity  to pick the school their children school in order for the child to be put in the best situation to succeed.

This bill was long awaited as former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has been pushing for school-choice options for years. The bill won’t be in affect until the 2017-2018 School year starts so there is a year to work out the potential problems.

One problem that could arise is over crowding and that would mean more kids in the classroom and would potentially take away from the students small classroom environment.

Another problem is that students are allowed to transfer and be eligible to play sports immediately which would allow the schools that exceed in for certain sports to be dominant. This would in theory diminish rivalries because there would be one great team in the county and other sub par teams.

Although there are many concerns for this new bill a lot of excitement is being formed for the implementation of this bill. This bill will allow parents and kids to choose a school that fits the student. No one student is the same as another and all students learn differently and exceed in different environments. I think this bill is for the students and will be a great thing for the communities when it is all said and done.

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