The Best Way To Prevent Blisters

Could it be that we have found a way to escape painful blisters? We have all fallen prey to the horrible scars and pain these little circles have left us with. It is truly possible that there is a cure — tape.

Why do we get blisters to begin with? According to “An Easy Way to Prevent Blisters? Try Tape” an article from the New York Times by Gretchen Reynolds, “Blisters develop when something rubs repeatedly against a patch of skin. The resulting friction causes the top layers of the skin to begin separating from one another, producing a feeling of heat.” Usually this occurs when we are involved in a prolonged period of exercise or even by new shoes.

Since physical activity is pivotal for our well being, it is important to figure out ways to prevent our blisters. Reynolds states, “Dr. Lipman and his colleagues asked all of the runners signed up for the 2014 event if they would wear paper tape on their feet to determine if doing so actually prevented blisters. Almost 130 men and women agreed”. Therefore, wearing paper tape is the perfect way to ensure a continual healthy life and most of all happy feet. The article also started that after careful study scientist determined the tape reduced 40 perfect of blister incidences.

All in all, our physical lifestyle would change entirely for the better if we would use paper tape to prevent blisters. Being prepared with tape can increase our performance and allow us to be active endlessly. Let’s work smarter and not harder by taking protecting our feet from blisters.

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