Krokodil: A Drug Not to be Messed With

I came across a story about a new drug that has been gaining popularity. The name of this substitute for heroin is “Krokodil”. It gives the same intense high that Heroin gives its users, but for about a third of the price and for a shorter time. The drug was created in Russia and began to trickle into the United States, with just a handful of cases across the nation. The users told doctors that they thought they were buying Heroin.

Krokodil is made from gasoline, paint thinners, lighter fluid and other incredibly harmful substances. It is said that once an individual “shoots up” Krokodil, they crave it immensely for everyday after that. Some users even have to be tranquilized because of the unbearable pain. What’s so bad about this drug besides the terrible things these people are putting into their bodies? Well, Krokodil makes a person literally rot from the inside-out, since the first use. It is a flesh eating drug, that creates the human body to smell of gang green and begin to decay.

Doctors say that they do not feel Krokodil will be a great threat to a majority of the U.S’s population. However, it will be for Heroin addicts who are looking an easy alternative. Even with the horrifying outcomes, some people are so desperate that they will inject anything into themselves to stop the withdraws. Once a person is addicted to a drug, such as this one, they spend a majority of their day making the concoction just to use it and make it again the next day. Addiction is a terrible problem, but I cannot imagine how a person could allow themselves to need a drug like Krokodil.

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