Class Enrollment Becomes a Burden

If someone decided to survey a group of college students and how easily they could enroll into their classes, the results would be pretty shocking.  From a personal standpoint, I have never struggled so much with finding classes that truly fit into my work schedule and what little social life I currently have.  I was beginning to think that all of this unnecessary stress (or what should be unnecessary) that was occurring semester after semester was only happening to me.  After complaining to a few close friends, I found that it was happening to them as well.  I find it completely ridiculous that we have to pay for classes that don’t essentially fit in with the rest of our lives.  Sure, our education is important, but our life shouldn’t completely revolve around it.  (Up for debate.)

For instance, I am a Radio/TV major.  This, being a limited access major which only accepts 10 new students a semester, should mean a variety of class choices.  However, that’s where I had been mistaken and misled.  Although there are few new additions student-wise every semester, classes rarely offer more than 1 section and at a ridiculous time too.  Now I understand that there are some classes that you just have to take no matter what professor or time it’s at, but in my major, it happens way too often.  I’m a Junior status with roughly 43 credit hours left.  Enrollment appointments are based off of status and yet I’ve realized that newer applicants who just got accepted and are newer to college are getting first dibs on the classes that I need in order to graduate on time.  I’m looking at being postponed graduating for a year now because of prerequisites filling up before my enrollment appointment date rolled around.  Not only does that affect the semester I’m planning for, but also the rest of my time at the University of Central Florida.  If UCF can’t provide enough classes for students, they need to stop accepting so many applicants and learn to provide for the current student body that have been there for several years now.

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