Disney’s Epcot Offers Wine and Dining Around the World

As residents of the Orlando metropolitan area, many of us are not at all strangers to the parks of Walt Disney World.  The massive entertainment compound was originally conceived as a place where children and adults could both have fun, making it a stark contrast from the existing kid-based fun parks of the time.  I remember as a child that I loved The Magic Kingdom and MGM Studios (Now Hollywood Studios), but I found Epcot to be rather dull.  Now that I am more or less an adult, I still love Hollywood Studios, but the tables have turned with regards to The Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  This is, I believe,  because Epcot was designed to appeal to the adult portion of Disney’s customers.  And the Food and Wine festival is a very good example of a part of Epcot specifically intended for adult enjoyment.

I attended the Food and Wine festival the weekend before last with my girlfriend and her parents, and the experience was markedly similar to Epcot under normal circumstances.  While walking around a small, man-made lake, we went through the regions of the park representing different countries.   However, there were booths serving sample-sized food items from each country and alcoholic beverages to match.  The food was delicious by normal standards (absolutely amazing by theme park standards), and the beer I tried in the Norway section was quite tasty as well.  The festival is well-intentioned, encouraging people to step outside their comfort zones and try food and drink from sections of the world that they would not usually sample, like Scotland and Norway, but I don’t believe I have ever seen quite so many drunk people at Disney world.


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