Working for Yourself as a Way to Happiness

It’s the typical American dream, to be your own boss and to be financially independent of anyone but yourself. What a thought right? No one breathing down your neck about deadlines, no time to be in the office and who can hate an impromptu vacation in the middle of the week. Though these are just the good factors typically associated with self-employment, it gives something to be sought after. Yes, you have a lot of stress knowing that you are solely responsible for your success or failure, but that in itself is the true beauty of it all. By creating something to turn a profit for you and your family, though time consuming, you are giving your life more flexibility and freedom than working in the bounds of another person or cooperation.

The fact is, work can be quite fulfilling and to this guy, working for yourself holds all the gold. I want nothing more than to be my own boss, running a boutique production house that creates the best quality production possible. Sound like a dream? Well, it is but that doesn’t mean it can’t be achieved. Reach for the stars right? Yep, that’s what we all should do. Take your dream and make it your own reality. Having that type of control over your life  can lead to many more opportunities as time progresses. With success, you eventually can take the back seat and just manage the operation while others make their living working for you. Capitalism at its finest!

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