LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Under Fire Following Alleged Racist Comments

With the NBA Playoffs delivering some of the best basketball this year, it seems pretty far fetched that something could end up spoiling all the fun that fans are having watching intense playoff action. Well, that seems to be the case. Recently, reports have surfaced about a taped phone conversation between Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, that has fans, players, coaches, and the entire nation on edge.

In the phone conversation, it is being stated that Sterling requested that Americans to his basketball games. The incident started after Stiviano posted a picture featuring her and Laker legend Magic Johnson. According to TMZ, some of the comments from Sterling consisted of him asking her why she associates with minorities in public instead of in private and he even went as far as to say you can sleep with them [black people] but just don’t bring them to my games.
Since the incident, celebrities, players, coaches, and analyst have all expressed their shock and disgust over this blatant act of racism. Some are calling for Sterling to be forced to sell the team while others are asking for him to be fined and suspended. In a press conference on Saturday night, NBA commissioner Adam Silver has assured everyone that a full swift investigation is underway. As for Sterling’s team the Clippers, though the coaching staff and players have expressed their outrage, they seem to have decided to try and move past this issue despite rumored talks of boycotting. The Clippers play the Golden State Warriors in Game 4 on Sunday April 27th.


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