Lauren B. Wins The Bachelor

For some people, Monday nights are usually just another ordinary night.  You come home from work, eat dinner, and go to sleep just waiting for the week to be over.  For me, I wait all day for 8pm to come around so I can feed my Bachelor addiction.  Aka, drool over Ben Higgins and rant about how I should be his fiance.   A lot of people don’t really understand the show, and some find it absolutely ludicrous, but I am utterly obsessed with watching these women go out of their way to make Ben fall in love with them.

I have not always been a fan of The Bachelor.  Before this season, I had never watched a single episode.  However, one of my sorority sisters was chosen as one of the 28 women who were given the opportunity to compete for the love of Ben Higgins.  So I obviously had to start watching.  She went home on the first episode, but I stuck around each week to see what the show was really all about…and I became addicted.

On the season finale, two women were left for Ben to choose.  Lauren B. was Ben’s favorite from the beginning, after he said that she took his breath away from the first moment she stepped out of the limo.  And JoJo also had Ben swooned, however he was hesitant about starting a relationship with her after finding out that he did not have her entire family’s approval.  He did in fact tell both women that he was in love with them, something that is apparently not common in the history of the show.  In the end, he chose Lauren B., which was inevitable but everyone really was rooting for JoJo because Lauren B. was always kind of annoying.  I still cannot pin point what I actually didn’t like about her, but JoJo was like the underdog that was beautiful and never cause any serious drama (unlike Lauren B.) so everyone wanted her to win.

Although JoJo did not get the giant ring and sweet proposal from Mr. Higgins, she did not walk away from the show empty handed.  She is going to be the new Bachelorette!  Starting next season, she will be on the other side of the rose ceremony handing them out rather than praying to receive one.  Watching The Bachelorette will be another first for me, but I can’t wait to see who she ends up with!

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