The NY Times fights Against Ad Blockers

Ad blockers have gained more popularity recently for the smoother browsing experience, reduced time loading pages and less data usage they offer. Now it is easier than ever to get them, partly granted by Apple’s iOS 9, which now allows ad blocking apps as well as Google Play Store and Samsung.

The technology is a threat for online publishers who depend heavily on the revenue from ads to stay in business.

The NY Times has recently started testing new ways to beat ad blockers by presenting messages to its readers with the intention of keeping them from using the technology.

One of the messages users can expect to see reads: “The best things in life aren’t free. You currently have an ad blocker installed. Advertising helps fund our journalism. To continue to enjoy The Times, please support us in one of the following ways.”

Readers are then given two options- to subscribe to the publication or “whitelist” it to automatically stop the ad blocker on the Times’ website. There is always the choice of deleting the ad blocker itself as well, but subscribing or whitelisting is good enough for The Times.

It is still unclear what happens to the users who do not choose one of the two options offered, but a spokesperson for The Times said that they’re testing various options and the publisher’s main goal is to inform the public of the harm of ad blocking and encourage whitelisting since digital advertising is what funds The Times’ ability to create quality content.

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