Lawsuits against Qualitest Pharmaceutical Birth Control Package Error

Qualitest Pharmaceuticals Birth Control is being sued by more than 100 women for compensation due to the manufacturers error in packaging the pills. The women filed the lawsuit against Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, stating they took the pills as directed on the box which failed to prevent their pregnancies. The birth control pills were package incorrectly, the package was rotated 180 degrees. The pills were arranged in the reverse orientation, the placebo pills were taken when the active pills should have been in their place.

Ninety four women who had taken the pills had unexpected pregnancies, seventeen women did not carry out the pregnancy to the full term and two women who were not pregnant who were part of the lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed in April and there was an FDA recall notice that stated the package didn’t “pose any immediate health risks”. The lawsuit was brought to the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia on November 5th, where more than 100 women expected compensations for the pain and the expenses they experienced.

The spokesman for the Endo pharmaceuticals ( Qualitest Pharmaceuticals is a subsidiary of Endo Pharmaceuticals) said “the company is aware of the complaint but doesn’t comment on pending or ongoing litigation.” Yet  stated that was ” a small number of pills packs that were manufactured by an external contract manufacturer”. It was also stated that “Endo has been able to confirm only one blister pack that was manifested a defect and was sold to a patient” while there are 3.2 million pill packs that were recalled.

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