Poverty Didn’t Just Happen: It Was Created By The Greed In The Hearts Of Men.

The reason we have ghettos and slums is due to a well thought out caste system. In this system some are meant to have and some are meant not to have. The way a person lives comes from programing the mind to think a certain way.

The individual is conditioned, similar to Pavlov’s experiment with dogs, to react a certain way. Take for instance an individual born into Ghetto or slum and has his mind filled with imagery of the ghetto, be it in school or in their surroundings the person begins to believe what they are accustom to but more important they acquaint themselves with living out life as they see.

Contrarily, take that individual an put them in a nurturing and positive environment they begin to act out the positive things they see. This is the deciding factor of the rich and the poor. Please understand I am not saying individuals cannot rise above their circumstances; I am simply stating that the state of poverty was a created thing.

When a child enters the world they don’t know if they are poor or rich, it is taught to them by society. You have been told to work hard, but how many of them do this? You see, the poor or indigent state came to reality as man’s love of money increased. Those more privileged took from the weaker strata of society. Men as they became more rich took more and more of the resources away from the less fortunate, keeping them in a state of poverty.

Finally, poverty is merely a form of slavery created to by the self proclaimed upper echelon; in order to keep the rest of the masses living demoralizing lives struggling for minimum wage leaving the rich access to the maximum.

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