Leaping Forward at the Speed of Tech!

Technology is amazing, in our world we have devices that the previous generations could not have ever dreamed of. It’s funny to think about, but just 40 years ago, the thought of a personal device that could connect you to an invisible network of nigh infinite information and content, play and stream media files like music, movies, and and assortment of games; and allow one to communicate on-the-fly with relatives and friend anywhere around the world, today we call these devices cell phones. This is just one example of the amazing speed at which technology as a whole evolves right before our very eyes.

You can even think back to a year as recent as 2008, the iPhone 3G was just released and it was all the rage, boosting iPhone sales by as much as 245%, now a simple 4 years later we have cell phones that completely blow the 3G out of the water. Similarly, we can see this evolution rate in computers as well. 50 years ago, a computer was the size of a large room and could barely process 1/100th of what today’s top line pc’s can produce. In relatively short amounts of time, we have seen massive advancements all across the board in terms of technology. Cell phones to computers, laptops to tablets, technology today is vastly more advanced than anything seen in the past, and this trend is continuing. What lies in our future? Well at this rate it can be difficult to imagine exactly how advanced our society will be in say even just 30 years. In today’s world we’re are already working on alternative fuels, have autonomous robots exploring the surface of Mars, and store data wirelessly to networks known as clouds. Personally, I don’t think it’s too far out of the question to say that within that 3o year timeframe we may be seeing the creation of the much asked for flying cars of the Jetson’s fame!

While that may be a little ambitious, technology and the advances we have achieved through it  have seriously changed the way the entire world works. Work that once took days now only last for a few hours or less, cars have on-board computers that direct your path and even drive for you in some cases, and we as a people are now more connected than ever thanks to our mobile devices that allow compete internet access almost anywhere on the planet. And whats exciting to think is that most of these advances came about within the last 20 years, if this evolutionary pace continues, we can only imagine where our technology will bring us in the next 20 years.

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