New Technology Helpful & Harmful

We all enjoy breakthrough releases of new technology. It is breaking news when a new Apple product is introduced. Apple introduced the iPad mini and it became a trending topic on Twitter. These technologies help society in several ways. Most of all, it conveniences us through life. We can browse, listen, and talk on the phone now. Even though this is helpful, the Internet can be harmful in some aspects. The music industry is experiencing a decline in money. The newspaper industry lacks a strong economy also. Jobs are being lost or recreated. It is kind of like being stuck in between a rock and a soft place.

I for one am apart of the music industry. I work at a radio station. Job positions aren’t the same anymore. People don’t listen to the radio as much because of new technologies such as Satellite Radio or iTunes. People have control of their music, and wether they want to hear commercials or not. Artist have a hard time trying to sell albums because the Internet gives listeners a chance to pirate their albums. Artist because of this can’t rely on just music. They have to sell fragrances and clothes etc.

The news paper industry hurts because of new technology as well. People just go on google and look up what story they are interested in. Jobs are decreasing. If you want to get in that profession, you just can’t specialize in writing anymore. You have to back pack journalism and cover your own story, write it, edit it, and catch the shots with your own camera. Technology makes these ways of life harder.

Even though these are small professions or businesses in our world, we get over it and enjoy the luxury of having technology. We enjoy the new Apple products or Apps on the market. We enjoy controlling our own music. We love the newness on technology. Nothing will change.

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