Legalized Marijuana Means More Money for Colorado

It is no secret that Coloarado has garnered a lot of press ever since they legalized marijuana for recreational use . For the residents of Colorado who are 21 or older, they can now purchase one ounce of marijuana. However, the consumers are not the only ones who are benefiting from the legalization of recreational marijuana.

According to an Article in the titled “Colorado Recreational Marijuana Sales Exceed $5 Million in First Week,” The business owners are reporting major sales of Marijuana that exceed $5 million dollars. The taxes on the marijuana are incredible. The increase in tax will support the state of Colorado drastically, altering yearly budgets, and possibly providing more public services.

Ideas about legalized marijuana may no longer be based in ethical or moral issues. There is now factual evidence that proves the financial benefits of  marijuana, and this could be just the beginning of a paradigm shift throughout America. State governments and legislatures may start to understand the contributions of legalizing marijuana.

Even arguably the most influential sector of government, the federal government, could nationally legalize marijuana for recreational use. Plus, their would need to be some law that grants business owners who sell marijuana access to the the federal bank. This would benefit the business owners who although may be receiving large sums of money and great demand for their product, are not eligible to write any of their expenses off. If the business owners could have access to the federal bank, it would give the companies more financial capitol to continue to invest and grow. If they can continue to invest and grow, then there will be more jobs and opportunities in the future.

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