Should Congress Be Drug Tested Too?

In the recent years passed, drugs have been a prevalent topic; ranging from underage drug use, to violence that stems from drugs, to drugs in the workplace. Just this year the House of Representatives passed legislation that would allow states to require food stamp recipients to be drug tested via urine, to prove that they are not on drugs. Just last year, republicans were pushing for recipients of unemployment assistance to be drug tested also. With all of the drug testing imposed on recipients of any type of welfare, Americans began to think that if the people being governed must be drug tested, why can’t the individuals doing the governing be drug tested also.

Recent polls display that eighty-six percent of Republicans, seventy five percent of Independents and seventy-seven percent of Democrats said that they wasn’t Congress members to be drug tested. Alternatively, eighty seven percent of Republicans, sixty four percent of Independents and fifty percent of Democrats want the welfare recipients to be drug tested. The sensational headlines of politicians and their drug use has made Americans feel as if the Congress is no different, who is to say they aren’t indulging in recreational drug use just as someone on welfare may be. If a congress member is caught using drugs illegally, another poll shows that Americans will show no mercy to that member. Over half, sixty six percent to be exact expressed that if a member was caught with a small amount of cocaine in their possession they should be forced to resign; only fourteen percent believe that the member should be able to finish their term.

This poses a question of justice in our country, why is it just now that we have thought to drug test members of congress, after all they too are human. If we feel it necessary to drug test a Walmart employees who simply serves as a cashier, why would we not find it necessary to drug test someone who has the power to impose a law that could greatly affect our lives.

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