Literacy Revolution: Modern Technology is Destroying Print Publications with Viral Publications

In these first two weeks, I have noticed both my summer courses taking a focus on traditional literacy versus modern technology. Through various readings I have come to the conclusion, that most forms of reading, which are printed, are becoming extinct. With a generation focused on technology, printed material has become a thing of the past. In the Beginning Was the Word, begins with the example of the filing of bankruptcy by the company who owns Reader’s Digest. This publication is a prime example of veteran prints, which have been replaced by the new digital age. Not only are magazines and newspapers being replaced, but other forms of prints as well. When purchasing textbooks for each semester I now have the option of getting an e-text, which is a fraction of the price of a textbook. As a student this is more convenient, I am saving a lot more money than if I were to buy a book and sell it back for pennies in comparison to the original cost. Also, I am not stuck with a huge pile of textbooks I have to carry around.

This new age of literacy is appealing to a variety of audiences. I know an elder woman named Ann who loves to knit and has all these books of patterns. I showed her how to look up an assortment of knitting patterns on Google and how to print them for easier access. She was surprised there were so many free patterns, and I explained to her how the Internet grants access to so many free things and she shouldn’t waste her money buying books.

I am an aspiring newspaper journalist, but at this rate of dying publications I have accepted the fact I may not have a long career in newspaper journalism unless it is viral. With modern technology taking over, we have to prepare for a new age where paper may no longer be used. At this point it is safe to say, paper is on the verge of extinction.

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