Television programming: Entertaining or talentless?

Television has been a part of our homes since the early 1900s. It one of the most popular ways to be connected with the media. However, television seems to cause a lot disadvantages for its users. Television today is lewd and lacks talent in its programming today.

Today we are introduced to a lot of music videos and reality television shows such as Jersey Shore. These shows show nothing but lewd and degrading behavior from both men and women. For example, the cast in Jersey Shore is very famous for sleeping promiscuously with random, yet multiple people and for doing a whole lot of partying. This is only a disadvantage to young viewers because they watch this and follow it with more of a hope to be “famous,” for basically nothing. These people are so careless their doings that they think it is totally okay and do it repeatedly. There absolutely no talent or skill required to get this amount of fame, but the ability to drink until you black out or get arrested, which is a terrible example for young girls and boys today. Today we are in a world where people are so worried about money and fame that some people would go to extremes to get it because that is what is seen on television. When I say money, I don’t mean an average salary. I mean extremely large amounts of money like the rappers and singers, which they also are not required to possess excellent vocal skills, we hear today. They flaunt all of their money by either throwing it in the air, showing stacks of it, or by speaking about all of the nice and luxurious things they can get with it, which is why we have so many young kids either trying to be a famous rapper or artist or trying to do reality television.

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