A Trend That Will Never Disappear: Journalism

Millions of blogs, podcast, and articles are visible to anyone with a computer today. With the single click of a mouse or smart phone, a user can access publications the minute they are released. As convenient as the rapidness of the Internet has become, print publications are seen less and less as time progresses. Although digital media seems to be prevailing, journalism has always proved to provide reliable and credible information. The research behind journalism is current and up to date with what is going on right in the moment. News has always proven to be the most reliable source of data. Reporters always strive to get ground breaking stories, an attribute that makes journalism timeless. People tune in every morning and night to see what is going on locally as well as nationally. Journalistic conventions and ethics require news to be truthful, fair, objective, and timely. Digital media can often provide false, and misleading stories and information. Journalism not only delivers timely news, it also can include features, better known as soft news. Soft news allows for a journalistic approach on a profile of a person, or even an event. Not only can it include hard and soft news, new channels also include weather as well as sports; making for a larger viewing audience. Digital media allows one to be informed of an event the moment it happens, as well as new channels do, however some might agree that the Internet would be a quicker source than the evening news. High profile stories can be found on both mediums and usually provide the same information. In a world where technology surpasses time, journalism has always proven to be an effectively timeless innovation.

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